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    In August of 2011, Adrian Krygowski had a relatively normal life. He worked for a telecom giant in Northern Virginia, had a commute, and on the weekends he would travel the east coast with his aggressive folk music, making fans one-by-one and growing his dream. He also just finished recording his previous record, "Hope For Us."

    On that hot day in August, Verizon Communications union went on strike, and all office personnel were to report to union offices, to scab for those on strike, until further notice. Little did Adrian know Buffalo, NY turned to be the most violent work environment within Verizon, with more "incidents" between union and non-union employees than any other office. The threats of being run over by drunken union employees, non-entry of workspaces by force, being chased throughout town, and non-cooperation from unionized Buffalo Police Department, was more than Adrian bargained for in his career thus-far. In the evenings however, when everything was quiet, Adrian toted his guitar a mile through the streets of Buffalo until he reached his songwriting zen, an empty baseball diamond in pitch dark. It was over these four weeks, most every night, that Adrian wrote the bulk of his newest soul-driven and working-man record, "Roam", a play on his temporary home's namesake.

    A year later, Adrian had left Verizon, moved to East Nashville Tennessee, and had 350 shows under his belt. New band members included Paul Niehaus on steel (Calexico, Justin Townes Earle), Jared Manzo on bass (Chris Scruggs), drummer Aaron Distler (Heypenny), Meredith Brown on fiddle (The Bard Owls), and St Louis/DC banjo king, Anders Fahey.

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    East Nashville musician Adrian Krygowski has been touring east of the Mississippi strongly since 2009, playing his brand of intense "Aggressive Soul-Folk," to sold-out rock clubs, listening rooms, house concerts, coffee shops, and festivals. He's touching on 400 shows since then, and only shows signs of gaining more steam, and dedicated fanbase.

    Adrian primarily tours as solo, duo, or trio with his future wife, Meredith Brown on fiddle, vocals, and mandolin, or STL and DC-based banjo king Anders Fahey, or several of the best nashville musicians that can be found.

    "Roam" was released in early 2014, with a three-piece band of Paul Niehaus on steel (Calexico, Justin Townes Earle), and Jared Manzo on bass (Chris Scruggs), powering through the 7-song LP, and on stages in the Nashville regional circuit.

    Adrian+Meredith touring duo are booking shows and festivals now for late 2014, with focuses on new markets, as recent highlights such as a trip to Daytrotter, Passim Campfire, NC Family Gathering Festival, Audiofeed Festival, Fearless Radio, WDVX, and bill-shares with Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three, JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers, Woody Pines, Grant-Lee Phillips, The Oh Hellos, Johnny Fritz/Corndawg, The Farewell Drifters, The Crane Wives, Joe Fletcher, Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog, and Joshua Black Wilkins.

    Adrian, Meredith, and the band are looking at new songs and a record in the coming months.

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    Adrian+Meredith isn't just another folk-duo traveling the country. They're a dynamic, hard-working, tour-de-force, ready to entertain anyone in their audience path, making instant fans every show. They blend folk, traditional, post-punk, pre-war jazz, soul, rock and roll, country and acoustic music in the same set, sometimes same song. Adrian's lyrics drive home poignant stories that make you think about what drink's in your hand, while Meredith's fiddle drives the mood. Adrian's harsh vocals keeps things interesting while Meredith's dancing treats you in new familiars.

    In the short time performing and writing together, they've been part of national music festivals Passim Campfire (Boston MA), Cory Chisel's Mile of Music (Appleton WI), CBGB's 2nd Annual Music & Arts (New York), dance festivals THAW (Chicago), MKE Follies (Milwaukee WI). They've been on touring stints with Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three, and non-festival shows with Los Colognes, Derek Hoke, The Dirt Daubers, Robyn Hitchock, Grant-Lee Phillips, Joe Fletcher, The Crane Wives, many more.

    They might be the best bar-band or the saddest listening room duo you've ever heard. They'll definitely give you their all.

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    We've been blessed to build a consistent band in the Nashville scene, with some of the best in town. Paul Niehaus on Pedal-Steel and Lead Guitar (Caleixco, Justin Townes Earle, Lambchop) on a recommendation from Fats Kaplin, and mainstay bassists Jeremy Darrow (Michael Martin Murphey, Erin McDermott) and Jared Manzo (Chris Scruggs), and Aaron Distler on drums (Heypenny) provides the sound built around Adrian's soul-folk blend of songwriting.

    Around the release of Roam in January 2014, Adrian brought in the highly-sought Nashville Horn Section, solidifying his place as a prominent East Nashville neighborhood songwriter and band. With the release of the LP, the full-band has been a regular well-known showcases such as 8 off 8th, $2 Tuesdays, Daytrotter, New Faces, Terryfest, Terry Coverfest, as well as their own shows at The High Watt and The Basement.

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  • Press, Reviews:

    The Purr of The People on Fire: Some days you just beg the smoke and the horizon that blew it to suck you in. -Sean Moeller // Daytrotter

    Adrian Krygowski may not be a household name, let alone pronounceable at first go, but his gifts as a songwriter and a crafter of gruff yet lyrical Americana are hard to deny. One listen to new track "Roam" is all the proof you need. -KDHX St. Louis

    ...what a great discovery he turned out to be! His songs are real gems that he delivers with a sharp lyrical wit...mini portrayals of life along with all its tattered edges, fragmented hopes and dreams. -Folk Radio UK

    Look for Performer's review of Roam in the Feb/March 2014 issue -Performer Magazine

    ...inspired by a life-changing union strike he was involved in.-CMT Release News

    East Nashville's Adrian Krygowski jumps into 'Shot in the Dark' as a couple's volatile relationship crumbles around them. The soul-inspired folk musician took a chance on writing a song in reverse - with the breakup at the beginning and a steamy romance at the end. -CMT Edge - Adrian Krygowski Takes a Shot at Writing in Reverse

    Krygowski has a rough, expressive voice and a penchant for waltz time, and lends his powerhouse lyrical skills to themes of restlessness and, above all, a relationship with place. Given that Roam is so short, the percentage of songs that talk about geographical regions as if they're love interests is astonishing: there's an 'Ohio,' a 'Wisconsin #2,' and a 'Chicago,' not counting 'Roam.' Generally speaking, the songs address places as if they're true lovers about to be left, although 'Chicago' is flecked with effervescent, hopeful guitar strumming. 'Built a good life here, a little piece of heaven,' Krygowski sings coarsely, but then continues, 'Chicago, I been waiting on sunrise for way too long.'-Buzz and Howl

    [7.5/10 Stars] The outcome is like the stunning discovery of a dustbowl era reel-to-reel. Roam's strength is its lack of marketable angles. This style of music hasn't been popular in fifty years if it ever was. Furthermore, in the image oriented digital age a lack of theatrics wont do much for exposure, but the ears can still find perfect pitch. Adrian Krygowski doesn't dress the part. He doesn't need to, his music is the real deal. -Surviving The Golden Age

    [4.5/5 Stars] With the release of his second album "Roam," indie folk singer/songwriter is finally a full-time musician, having left a career with Verizon in his rear-view mirror. It's a wise move because the seven-track release is nothing short of spectacular. From the opening notes of the title track to the final strains of "Bailout Brawl," Krygowski is clicking on all cylinders. Other standouts include "Ohio," "Drunkard's Hiccups," "Chicago" and "Shot in the Dark." -The Daily News, McKeesport PA

    Once in a while, there comes a voice that is so instantly classic and unique that you feel like you've been hearing it for years. Adrian Krygowski has one of those voices. It makes you feel like it can make the lame walk and the blind men see. -That Music Magazine Philly - Album Review

    As he walks through the entrance of IOTA, his old haunt in Arlington, VA, I see his hair is much shorter, his look a bit more polished. But as he greets me, that voice - well, that hasnít changed. -That Music Magazine Philly - Time To Roam: An Interview with Adrian Krygowski

    This is a nice bunch of tasty pastries for millennial malcontents. -Midwest Record

    Adrian Krygowski's Song Roam is American Songwriter's Daily Discovery 9/24/13

    Adrian"s sound conjure the punk-inflected folk of The Avett Brothers and the "Americana Soul" of Delta Spirit, while his vocals draws comparisons to Bob Dylan and The Hold Steady"s Craig Finn...He is currently on the road for a 30 date nationwide tour, including three CD release cities (DC, Nashville, Chicago) and three showcases at SXSW. -Artists On Demand Blog Radio

    Hopefully, you"ll get plenty of miles out of Hope for Us, too. This is an excellent record worth taking a journey with, especially into an uncertain future. -DC Music Download Blog

    Adrian takes the listener along with him on a journey through his own personal growth, the failure of a relationship that doesn"t work despite the best of intentions, and his path to reconciliation and redemption. -MetroMusicScene.com Blog

    Adrian Krygowski doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, he just makes it roll with a unique swagger. Folk rock is the oldest of creative styles. Therefore, finding excellence in the field means either being a carbon copy of a legend or confidently expanding their legacy. -OnTap Magazine

    I bought his CD and I think you should, too. He says he"ll be coming back through in the early spring. -StuckInsideKnoxville Blog - WDVX-FM Blue Plate Special

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